Founded in 1947 by Jack Denst, Jack Denst Designs is backed with 60 years of industry experience.

Chicago artist-designer, Jack Denst, counts his career in collections, not years. In his 40 years as chief designer at The Jack Denst Designs he has produced 29 volumes of wallcoverings - 248 designs, also a great amount of custom work. His work has appeared in all major American Newspapers and Shelter Magazines.

Denst finds he can most graphically illustrate the dramatic visual impact of his wallcovering designs through creating actual interiors. Both his Chicago townhouse and his year-round official residence in Beverly Shores, Indiana, have been featured at length in the prestige magazine, "Architectural Digest".
The Indiana home, virtually a "cliff-hanger" in this forest-dune area has also been saluted by "House & Garden" for the unique bachelor-kitchen arrangement for entertaining.

While the artist's small interim apartment in Chicago earned tributes at "Better Homes & Gardens" for the masterly use of design, Major metropolitan newspapers, coast to coast, and European publications have also echoed the illusion of space and his innovative contemporary design.

Winner of 22 American Institute of Interior Designers International Awards and recipient of the coveted Allman Award for valued contribution to the wallcovering industry, Denst finds his wallcoverings and murals in the enviable position of an art form in the interior design field, and he is invited to submit murals for gallery exhibits here and abroad and has created traveling displays of designs for long-term exhibits at design centers of the nation's universities.

Galleries including the Russell Art Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Joslyn Museum of Art, Park Forest Art Center, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, show his wallcoverings as modern art; in textbooks, such as those produced by the Stanford University Department of Art and Architecture, he contributed to teaching of interior design through the medium of his patterns and murals.


An innovator - he introduced the first free-hanging murals and silk-screened designs on steel, copper, glass and acrylic.
Denst is known, too, for his predictions of trends which exert influence on interior

Known world-wide as The Jack Denst Designs, Inc., the wallcovering firm has been a successful outgrowth of the original two-man silk-screening operation devoted to custom design. In a field previously dominated by traditional and documentary design, Denst thrust the excitement of contemporary pattern and color and created a demand for this bold new approach.

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